Zari agrees to marry new man GK Choppa

A rolling stone gathers no moss, they say, but it ain’t got nothing on Zari Hassan!

The classy socialite, known for bonking and dumping men on a trot, is currently in a new relationship and yes, unlike the previous ones, this might last forever.

Her new man, GK Choppa, wants to put a ring on it. Yes you read it right! Choppa wants to chop Zari’s beans forever and she is indeed ready for that ride.

The mugged floss-king made his intentions clear during a live video call with his gorgeous, tried and tested partner in passion, over the weekend.

“…I’m going to make it official,” he made the bold statement, leaving Zari in chuckles.

“I’m going to put a ring on it because I honestly don’t want to see any guy disrespecting you again. I’m your last man,” he said to which the madly in love Zari agreed.

Zari treating her man, GK Choppa like a king

The gorgeous South African based entrepreneur recently took to her Instagram to show fans how she treats her new young lover.

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Zari did this through her Insta-stories with a video of herself serving him a meal. In the video clip, Zari sashays in a floral gown with a tray containing a cup and a teapot. She then kneels and places the tray on the table in front of him.

Zari elated after son, Raphael finds love

February has been love, love and more love, for both Zari and son Raphael Ssemwanga.

The stunning mother-of-five shared a photo of son, Raphael, holding his girlfriend Leila Sono while they took a mirror selfie.

She captioned it, “God bless you guys,” and added a red rose and kiss emoji.

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