Rahma Pinky has come out to address rumours that she is married.

Speaking during an interview with Sanyuka TV on Friday, the Team No Sleep (TNS) newest signee, confessed that indeed she almost became a wife to a very old man at a tender age.

“I almost got married but I realized it was not the right time for me to get married because I was young,” Pinky narrated how she chickened out of marriage.

The 17-year-old up and coming, who is currently under Jeff Kiwa’s TNS management, revealed that she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in  Information Technology at an international university.

Pinky revealed that when she had just joined the University, fellow students would line up for back-to-back selfie requests.

“I don’t have lectures every day, in a week I go to campus like three times. I have a Bachelor’s in  Information Technology. Banange early days when I had just joined campus, everyone was saying ‘Hey’ to me but now they’re all used to me hihih,” Pinky said.

The exciting youngster, who is highly rated by music pundits, however, chose to remain tightlipped about the university she’s studying from.

Our eagle-eyed Bazzinyi claim to have spotted her at International University of East Africa in Kansanga, the same academic institution which the likes of Bobi Wine, Pia Pounds and Canary Mugume have enrolled into.

Musically speaking, on February 22, Pinky released a 6-track EP titled “SevenTeen”. She says she decided to name it ‘SevenTeen’ following claims from Netizens that she is just a ‘pygmy’ but older.

‘SevenTeen EP’ features music written by Sama Sojah, Khalifa Aganaga, Dokta Brain, and Zigi Music.

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