Rahmah Pinky is officially 18… and she cannot just keep calm!

Like any young, wild and free babe, the Team No Sleep (TNS) teenage entertainer has chosen to feed her growing fanbase with jaw dropping pics, taken from a birthday photoshoot. Believe us when we say she looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Donning a long black transparent dress which reveals her tiny derrière for all to envy and drool over, Pinky looks extremely hot in a series of photos shared on her Instagram page. She understands the assignment, marching the dress with strap high heels, plus the pink wig doesn’t go unnoticed!

In the caption, she reveals how she’s been longing to turn 18.

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“Turning 18 has been the most awaited moment in my life…..Allahumudulillah for my new age .. proudly a cancer,” she captioned the post.

We all know that when a babe turns 18 in Uganda, men are free to harvest her beans. According to 1995 Constitution of Uganda article 31. (1) Men and women of the age of eighteen years and above, have the right to marry and to found a family and are entitled to equal rights in marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. Perhaps Pinky knows the drill, sikyo?

At the beginning of this year, veteran TNS boss Jeff Kiwa signed Pinky under his label after parting ways with Sheebah Karungi. Jeff and Sheebah had forged a formidable partnership which lasted for about 8 years before falling apart. Within that period, Jeff had managed and mentored the 32-year-old star into a force to reckon with, dropping hit after hit.

Now with Sheebah gone, it remains to be seen whether Pinky will become a mega star under Jeff’s stewardship. 

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