Chameleone gives Allan Hendrik helping hand

For so long, Bebe Cool’s eldest son, Allan Hendrik has dreamed of becoming a mega music star. He has patiently prayed, worked hard and sought opportunities but it seems God has finally answered his prayers.

For starters, his dad, Bebe Cool, who had for so long somewhat sidelined him musically to hustle on his own, finally accepted to push his career harder this year. With this, Bebe started moving with Allan Hendrik wherever he went. He and Hendrik have been spotted at different concerts and hangouts, like never before.

Speaking during a recent interview with a local TV channel, Bebe explained that the reason behind this is to hook Hendrik up with different stakeholders in the music industry. The controversial music star noted that besides knowing how to sing, one needs to be in real contact with some of the music promoters, DJs, media personalities and established artists.

Legendary singer, Jose Chameleone, being his friend, Bebe reached out to him for the much needed support towards his son, and he took the honor with open hands.

Today, Monday morning, Hendrik tagged along Chameleone as he flew out in a private jet to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for a musical showcase.

The 42-year-old star took to his Instagram page and shared a post with a pic of him and Allan Hendrik, together with his DJ, posing next to the Jet.

“Let’s go Private!! Durba | DRCongo here we come @allanhendrik256 @kidima_music welcome aboard sons,” he captioned it.

Actually, before then, Chameleone had asked Bebe to allow him to take on Hendrik for musical help.

Meanwhile, sources close to Chameleone says he is to use his time in DRC to shoot the video of his song with Koffi Olomide.

He and Koffi hit the studio in 2018 and recorded a song together.