Lwasa flees the country after wife Angel cheats

Bonk Champ Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesa is reportedly still sweating plasma after a video of his stunning wife, Angel Kwakunda, locking lips with mystery ‘Musiguze’ found its way on the internet.

Apparently, for the past 48 hours, the under pressure Lwasa is as busy as a Worker bee, sketching plans on how he can maneuver through the heartbreak and shame, after Angel’s straying act.

Sources close to the Masaka showy tycoon intimate to us that he has moved to hire PR mercenaries to do damage control and protect his image, presumably after failing to impress and satisfy Angel’s bedroom needs.

Watch Angel swapping saliva with Musiguze in the video below

Blogger Ray Supersta, who is Lwasa’s pal, has already shared a lengthy post on his Facebook wall, in which he confirms that indeed, the woman in the video is Angel. Ray Superta, however, claims that Lwasa and Angel broke up a long time ago after he nabbed her pants down with another Zzina-skilled man.

In the post, Ray further pins the flashy Angel of making off with not only UGX 24 Million, which she apparently seized from the house but also UGX 50 Million, she embezzled from his nightspot, Club Tavern Kick, where she was working as the manager before then.


The lady who appears in these videos while kissing a man in a bar is none-other than Angel Lwasabosslady.

However, the public should know that OMUGAGGA LWASA & ANGEL are no longer married so all she does is entirely her business and she is enjoying her life.

Their marriage hit a snag a few months ago after various and repeated cases of infidelity from the wife so Mr Lwasa decided to part ways with her so that she can freely sleep around with her men and kiss them publicly whenever need be.

Angel left the marriage happily since she left with a Brand New Harrier Kawundo in her names, 24 Million cash that she seized from the house and approximately 50 Million that she had embezzled from Club Tavern Kick- Masaka throughout the several months she acted as the manager,” Ray Supersta posted in part.

Meanwhile, sources close to the controversial business mogul tip us that he couldn’t handle the heartaches, headaches, stress and pressure that come with breakups. 

His handlers advised him to take a short vacation and he indeed heed their advice. This week on Tuesday, Lwasa posted a photo of him on a plane.