Showy tycoon and renowned bonk champ, Lwasa Emmanuel has so far been caught on the wrong side of the law, twice, over fraud and forgery… and his ex-girlfriend, Angel Kwakunda somewhat wants him to land into more troubles, according to her latest revelation. 

This is not the first time Lwasa is facing arrest

Angel Kwakunda says Lwasa lives a fake life to impress, and that he finds peace and hope in fake dollars.

She claims that the business mogul once gifted her fake dollars on her birthday, a statement which could have him re-arrested for interrogation, since it is illegal to possess bichupuli.

According to Angel, the gift almost put her behind bars because of Lwasa’s alleged adoration of counterfeit currencies.

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“He is a fake master who finds pleasure in faking life. He even gifted me with fake dollars on my birthday. That money you see in the video was fake,” she said in a televised interview, earlier this week.

While Lwasa seems to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire lately, Angel continues to pick on him, with insults to pile more misery on him.

Recently, Angel described Lwasa as stingy.

Angel claims that Lwasa’s public displays of generosity are unreal and are just meant to create an image of him as a kind man.

“He is the kind who will demand change, even when it is 50k. I couldn’t deal with that,” she said.

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Last week on Wednesday, Lwasa was arrested for allegedly forging the signatures of the acting Director for Geological survey and mines (Ag. D/GSM), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Mrs. Alaba Agnes, and that of Ms. Grace Lajwe, the Principal Chemist Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines (DGSM) in his fraudulent transactions using his two companies.