Lwasa distances himself from the trending bonk video

Since Thursday evening, Netizens have been debating about the skills applied by a man while entertaining his prey in a trending bonk video.

Actually, a huge section of online in-laws believe that in Uganda, only renowned bonk champ and showy tycoon, Lwasa Emmanuel, has got those skills given his unrivalled experience in the bedminton game, thus concluding that he is the one in the one-minute video clip circulating on the internet.

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In a video, a man, who doesn’t fully expose his face, but on a mission to excite his prey, buries his face in the plate of beans, unleashes his formidable tongue game….before he goes on his knees to perform ‘Ake Mbarara’. Indeed all the skills applied yield massive results, as the prey starts lavishing praise on him when the River Nile banks burst, causing floods.

However, like a man who doesn’t want to take credit which is not his, Lwasa has come out and distanced himself from the mind-blowing video.

Speaking during an interview with Sanyuka TV, the local socialite, who doubles as a business mogul, also bragged about being a loaded fellow, who can have what he wants.

“I am a rich man. If I want money, I just go to my account and withdraw what I want to use. All my businesses are bringing in money. If the issue of the video is of help and educative to children then so be it. I don’t mind if you decide to circulate that video because that man in that video was not me,” Lwasa countered.

Listen to the audio in the link: https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=750124576113106