The beautiful, curvy and sassy songstress, Laika oozes love in her latest single, Overdose!

In Overdose, Laika, who is among the very few female artists in Uganda, blessed with strong vocals, sings her heart out as she begs her man to shower her with more love and affection.

Typically a Zouk production with impressively mastered groovy beats, the lyrics in Luganda reflect an all-consuming feeling of being deeply, hopelessly, terrifyingly in love. With Laika’s crystal-clear croon and those irresistibly easy-to-grasp love lines, one can’t help but sing along to every line.

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Winning from its opening drum beats, trumpet sound effects and piano plinks, the song is both sensual and sweet enough.

Laika offers one of her most candidly romantic musical deliveries here, as she promises to earn her lover’s trust with every happy memory they make together.

Am I safe to say that on this ‘Overdose’ masterpiece, the beautiful and talented Laika lets the tongue clicks and Zouk beats do the talking for her?

Check it out below and enjoy;

Performed by Laika

Directed by Mastermind Laray

Written by Isma Mukkuza Nessim

Produced by Nessim Pan Production