Crysto Panda is grateful to have an opportunity to record a song with Uganda’s outstanding legend, Jose Chameleone. This week on Thursday, the multi-talented singer finally released his sensational dancehall jam with Chameleone, titled Monica, to musically hit the ground rolling in 2022.

Monica is a vibe, with beautifully crafted beats by famed producer Artin. It is a typical Crysto Panda song, spiced up by Chameleone’s Midas touch. From onset, the song can get one hooked on the dance floor without getting bored!

Panda, who has in the past tasted the sweetness of having a hit song in Kyoyina Omanya, believes that ‘Monica’ will become another anthem not only in clubs but also rising through the charts to become one of the biggest songs on the airwaves.

He however notes that he is not under pressure because good music pushes itself and working with an artist as big as Chameleone simplifies everything. He says he has a lot of music in stock but will only work on his pace.

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“I don’t have pressure because at first I was doing music at my own pace. Just that I have a lot of music right now and I need to put it out for the people. I’ve been doing a lot of music, I have like 10 songs which are unreleased. So I don’t have pressure from the fans, I have my music and I’ll take it mpola mpola silina ampapya. Yeah my fans know me, I release music when I feel I want, it’s not by force or like I’m chasing somebody, no no. For now, bless yourself with Monica,” Panda said.

Check it out below;