So, where do we begin?

Zari, well, she’s the classy socialite everyone wished they would see dressed in Adam’s suit … now, not only did she get n#ked, she let some guy, a bearded Mzungu film her romping like a serial adult entertainer… thanks to the Zzina website.

Zari's bedroom video
Zari’s bedroom video

We have the Zari s3x-tape but unfortunately we can’t post it here because… Argghhh it’s your day and it only comes once in a year!

In the video, the skillful Mzungu slides on his knees in slo-mo, seductively eases the mother-of-five’s legs and then buries his head in between the road to Thailand to do the dishes. The bearded Mzungu, who appears to be in his mid-30s, then sharpens his formidable weapon and starts chopping her beans.

He does all that as Zari rolls her eyes and waistline like Colombian singer, Shakira in her hit song, Hips Don’t Lie. In the background, Lydia Jazmine’s song, Kapeesa, can be heard playing. Zari is seen in the video reaching the finishing line. We don’t know whether the game was played home or away, but we applaud the couple for enjoying the match on snow-white surface. 

Zari's video
Zari’s video

We know Zari is under pressure because her competitor Judith Heard seems to have it all figured out and her Arab Money Party is going on Well. In the past Zari has hooked up with toy-boy, GK Choppa, who apparently pressured her to go under the surgical blade to transform her body. Now that she acquired an artificial derriere, the tried and tested socialite is using it to entertain another man.

Happy April Fool’s Day!