Fans drool over Winnie Nwagi’s derrière in tantalizing outfit

Winnie Nwagi isn’t done yet! She is out here, unapologetically, leaving Netizens in awe. The Mataala singer, who takes delight in posting hot and saucy photos and videos on her Instagram page, to push her music and brand, is at it again!

Given the fact that she has a new love song, Malaika, on the market, Winnie Nwagi, who is a huge fan of working out and keeping her massive body in shape, is tactfully using her appetizing derrière to promote it.

Over the weekend, the bubbly Swangz Avenue star singer took to her Instagram page and posted a jaw-dropping video of herself, donning a classy and unique-tantalizing outfit, with huge cutouts on either side of her hips, raising the temperature so high.

Watch video below:

In the video, the brown outfit with fashionable openings up the shoulders, also enables Netizens to drool over her chest power, with a shiny diamond chain, which rings at UGX 10,000 in downtown, around her neck, also visible.

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Wearing a huge smile on her face, the single mother-of-one, catches the vibe and turns around to show off her long ponytail which drops all the way to her potholed behind. She completes the look with a diamond watch and chain on her hands and marching high heels.

Her latest release, Malaika, playing in the background is just an icing on the cake.

Malaika audio has already garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube, and going by the reaction from fans in the comment section, the love ballad is indeed appreciated.

Check it out below;

Winnie Nwagi’s Malaika