Spice advises Sheebah to emulate her following attack

Songstress, Spice Diana has spoken out on nemesis, Sheebah Karungi ‘sumbie harassment woes’ by a client over the weekend.

On Monday, Sheebah, 33, took to her social media pages and vented her frustration towards a man, who wanted to take advantage of her juicy assets after booking her to perform at his private party.

The former Team No Sleep (TNS) star revealed that the guy, who had armed bodyguards, found her chilling in her ride as she waited for her time to hit the stage, and he started caressing her boobs, thighland and sumbie, without her consent.

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Sheebah’s revelation has attracted mixed reactions, with some blaming her dress code for the cause of the incident, while others, including Spice Diana, advising the self-styled Queen Karma to move with bouncers for safety.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Spice Diana explained that many misinterpret her style of moving with bouncers as a waste of money or mere showbiz, but to her, it is for security purposes.

“For every gig I get, I move with my whole team. How can you even try to take advantage of me when I’m with a team of more than nine people,” she bragged.

Spice, who has been at loggerheads with Sheebah ever since her career started to blossom, also noted that artistes should be able to know the intentions of ‘clients’ who book them because they have different intentions.

“I have been in such scenarios where clients book you to perform for them, yet in reality, they want you as a person. They will show feelings but won’t rape you, so it’s up to you as a woman to tell them what you want,” Spice said.