During Doreen Nasasira’s Love Life podcast, Bina Baibe revealed one of her secrets she had kept for so long. Bina Baibe, a sensational media personality, was tasked to reveal the weirdest place she’s ever been chewed.

Shockingly, without mincing her words, Bina disclosed that her man pulled her out of the car, pushed her against UMA Showgrounds – Lugogo wall, and unleashed his rock-hard boneless muscle on her slippery sumbie, till they both reached the finishing line! In the mood to tell it all, she said that sweet moment happened recently. The bummy presenter with a gorgeous voice said that she was already working on radio and television at the time.

As Spice Diana and the podcast host, Doreen Nasasira stared at her with envy, Bina revealed that she was lost in the sweetest moment, not until someone passed by and that’s when she realised how powerful the horn is!

Bina said that every time she passes by UMA, she wonders how she was smashed.

“Let me tell you something. The strangest place I’ve had it was at UMA Showgrounds, out in the open. I was already working on TV and radio. A hug led to something else and all of a sudden we’re on the wall and then I noticed after we had finished after somebody passed. Each time I pass that place, I remember,” she narrated.

For Spice Diana, she said that her moment happened in the car, which Bina Baibe as well confessed to. 

“I’ve had it in the car too but those things in the car are funny. They’re nice but how do we even fit? Do you see that I am so tall? There is a way I fit in the car and I wonder,” Bina pointed out.

Watch the video below: