Gashumba likens King Saha’s attitude to NUP disciples

King Saha recently snubbed the Uganda Musicians Association(UMA) presidential debate, which was aired on NBS TV, for unclear reasons.

His opponents, Cindy Sanyu and Lord Bitemu, participated and laid out their manifestos. 

Frank Gashumba has come out to describe King Saha as the real definition of a National Unity Platform (NUP) supporter, following the snub.

“He is the real definition of NUP. His braggadocio attitude tells it all. He was endorsed by Bobi Wine and therefore he represents them. All they know is making noise and insulting people on social media, but have no substance,” Gashumba said.

King Saha, who recently released a song, Zakayo, in which he attacks nemesis Bebe Cool, is the most popular candidate for the race on social media, but Cindy Sanyu claims she is stronger and more popular among voters.

Saha released Zakayo, soon after Bebe Cool publicly endorsed Cindy for the musician’s top seat. Prior to that, Saha had tried to entice Bebe by promising to appoint him as one of his advisors, if he beat incumbent, Cindy, to the top office.

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NUP’s deputy mouthpiece exposes Frank Gashumba

This week on Tuesday, Frank Gashumba, while appearing on NBS TV talk show Barometer, found himself in a tight situation after Waiswa Mufumbiro cornered him as the pair locked horns.

In his submission, Waiswa bantered, berated and punched holes in Taata Sheilah, reducing him to levels of submission after shelling heavy verbal artillery. The former Jinja West Municipality Member Of Parliament aspirant, claimed that Taata Sheilah has no moral authority to condemn abusive NUP disciples because he owns the record for insulting Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga.

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