Erias Lukwago calls out Sheebah for her raunchy content

No doubt, singer Sheebah Karungi is one force to reckon with in the country.

Her works are evident and she has proved it consistently for a decade now, dropping hit after hit but some people, who claim to have witnessed cream artists before, don’t rate and approve of her lyrics, one of them being Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago. 

Erias Lukwago expressed his dissatisfaction with the diva’s verses. 

“Some songs fall under categories I don’t like. Some artists have gone overboard and sing a lot of vulgar songs. Take for example Sheebah’s song that says “Jangu Onkoleko Emikolo” (It’s a line In her song titled ‘yolo’. With such lyrics, people will be tempted to explore what you sing. You are exposing yourself to the public but I am not saying that she is inviting people to do that but enticing them is bad,” he said.

Lukwago went ahead to advise Sheebah on a way forward in terms of branding.

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“Sheebah is like Rihanna. Both artists put themselves in a compromising situation. It would have been better if they were branded like Celine Dion or Toni Braxton but she chose to be like Tshala Muana not even like Chaka Chaka,” he added.

Sheebah’s sumbie harassed…

About a month ago, the 32-year-old singer released a video in which she vented over how her sumbie and soft parts were surfed by a perverted client without her consent. She revealed that the incident happened in her own car, in front of her colleagues, as she waited to step on stage to perform at a private party.

In her narration, she described the perverted man as a person, who frequently appears on TV and that many look at him as a role model. She also said that the culprit is also guarded by Special Forces Commandos. However, a section of pundits and fans faulted and blamed the infamous act on how the former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer portrays herself in the public eye.