Spice Diana, Prima Kardashi, and Ann Kigere are on holiday in the United Arab Emirates capital Dubai.

The trio arrived on Monday and has been spending a lot of their time at the Nikki Resort Beach and Spa a place well known as a chill spot for rich Arabs.

They have taken to social media to show off their fun experience that perfectly defines vacation.

A muzinnyi who resides in Dubai has told our snoop that the trio spends all day at the pool hoping to capture the attention of an investor while Spice Diana’s manager Rodger Lubega and Mc Kacheche sleep the day off in their hotel room.

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Our source in Dubai claimed that the priority of the trip was not a vacation but rather to meet new investors a reason Spice Diana and Prima Kardashi footed the bill of a one Ann Kigere, a popular figure along Salaama Road known for not only selling ”kigere” but also finding investors.

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Spice Diana and Prima Kardashi thought Ann Kigere’s expertise in the field would help them find an investor to inject cash into them.

Well, it is a matter of time and we shall establish whether Ann Kigere’s expertise helps them to find the investors they are looking for