Showy tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is an open book when it comes to his love life.

After breaking up with his wife, Angel Kankunda, Lwasa has declared that he is single and searching, but he doesn’t need a broke woman.

“I am tired of dating broke women. I now want someone who was raised in a well-to-do family or one with her own money,” he says.

Lwasa says he has faced challenges dating women from poor backgrounds.

“They are not used to money. They see 300M and run crazy. I now want a woman who grew up seeing money,” he says.

His statement comes barely a fortnight after instructing his kids and relatives to kick Angel out of his home in Munyonyo.

In an interview, the stunning Angel disclosed that about five men stormed her home and forcefully threw her belongings out, just a few days after she faulted and accused Lwasa of embarrassing her in the public eye.

Apparently, Angel’s statement could have triggered Lwasa’s anger hence instructing his trusted men to crack the whip.

Speaking during an interview with Spark TV, the 52-year-old tycoon confirmed that he was the brain behind Angel’s eviction.

“…sagala kamanyiro… agende ewabwe. Nkoye ejoogo! Nze na mugobye kubanga enyumba yange. Ne’motoka gyenali muwadde era ngeda gyimujjako,” he blasted and vowed to further clip her wings.

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Meanwhile, Lwasa, who claims to be on the lookout for a new succulent young babe, aged between 25-28 years, is currently bedridden.

Reports suggest he is admitted at Nakasero Hospital, battling Typhoid. Typhoid fever is caused by eating contaminated food and drinking unclean water or close contact with an infected person.