When Lydia Jazmine promised to ship in a Mercedes Benz purchased with her own money, after former manager, Ronnie Mulindwa, withdrew a car he had bought for her, many perhaps thought it was just a showbiz statement. However, she is out here walking the talk and proving the doubters wrong.

A week ago, we reported to you how Ronnie Mulindwa cracked the whip and clipped Lydia Jazmine’s wings after she denied him in broad daylight.

During an interview, just like Simon Peter denied Jesus Christ, Jazmine swore in the name of the living God that Ronnie had never been her manager. She took all the rights, disclosing that she has been managing herself since she parted ways with Bushington.

On hearing her claims live on set, Ronnie withdrew the car, a Mercedes Benz, he had apparently gifted her, hoping that perhaps the ‘Nkubanja’ singer had no plan ‘B’.

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However, in a matter of days, Lydia Jazmine had broken the bank and acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz ML, white in colour and better than Mulindwa’s.

@lydiajazmine checks out her brand new Mercedes Benz

She unveiled the German-made machine valued at UGX 200M, during her birthday celebrations on Wednesday.

About her birthday party

Lydia Jazmine’s birthday party at the Imperial Hotel in Munyonyo was unique in many ways.

She invited many musicians and celebrities from other fields. It must have been hard on her, inviting all those moneyed people and none turns up with a birthday gift.

However, that did not dim her lights. She was her happy self. Jazmine was visibly in the mood, hugging and chatting to each guest, making everyone feel at home.

“I didn’t expect anyone to buy me a car. I sold a few things of mine, topped up on the money and bought this one. It was my birthday gift,” she revealed.