The reigning Zzina Awards Artist of the Year is only big and the best in music but not in the bedroom.

In a shocking video that is making rounds on social media, the self-proclaimed “King Of The East” Pallaso is seen in slumberland after a massive bonking session.

In the video, the chick seems unsatisfied and even goes ahead to make bad touches to arouse the “Malamu” singer but he couldn’t shift his eyebrows.

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A number of female Netizens have expressed their disappointment in Pallaso and some made posts dedicating him to Bobi Wine’s hit song Kyarenga’s line of ‘Bapiika obunyama naye work wambwa’.

Of course, our Zzina Investigators had to get to work and from a babe who claims to have bonked Pallaso in the past, she claimed that the singer has big cassava and the muscles that take women to a wonderland but unfortunately, he can’t last for two minutes.

Watch the video here.