Bobi wine, Besigye in cooperation deal

Leaders of four opposition parties in Uganda have formed an alliance and signed yet another agreement to foster cooperation amongst themselves.

The agreement will see concerned parties work together in any upcoming elections and towards ousting the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) from power.

The pact was signed during a meeting at Hotel Africana on Monday afternoon between the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), National Unity Platform (NUP), Justice Forum (JEEMA), People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and People’s Front for Transition (PFT).

The alliance was reportedly fostered by what they termed as undemocratic tendencies during by- elections in Kayunga, Omoro, with the most recent being in Soroti City.

The cooperation seeks to engage parties in activities that will ensure the peaceful transition of power and democracy and unity during any elections going forward.

“In all the last general or by-elections, several political parties and formations have continuously participated with belief in democracy and rule of law as the modest means through which they could achieve a peaceful transition for the nation and change of leaders at lower levels…unfortunately, the quality of elections has now gone from bad to worse – each election being worse than the previous one,” the joint statement reads in part.

Bobi wine, Besigye in cooperation deal

 “Going forward, we shall jointly or severally use any upcoming elections to organise and rally the population to defend their democratic rights and the election madness that has bedeviled the country since independence,” the statement reads.

The pact has seen an alliance between two opposition bigwigs, Dr Kizza Besigye, PFT and Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine says there has never existed  any rivalry between him and Besigye as portrayed by a section of opposition politicians. 

He adds that now is the time to change this situation stating that elections might not cause regime change, noting that they should, however, participate in them to get a chance to sensitise their supporters.

He further told NUP and FDC members to stop creating an imaginary rivalry between him and Dr Besigye but rather unite given the fact that they all support leadership change.

Besigye, the leader of the People’s Front for Transition, was more than happy to learn that opposition leaders are now accepting that participation in elections might not cause the much-desired change in Uganda.

The former FDC party president further called upon the unified forces of opposition to organise, spread the word about how to obtain one’s freedom and direct people towards taking appropriate action to obtain what they are due.