Eddy Kenzo is somewhat not bothered by Nigerian artists’ hype and believes their dominance will be tamed.

The 38-year-old BET Award winning star also believes that this is just a season for Nigerians artists to harvest what they sowed, something which shouldn’t be worried about. He compares the hype to that of the Congolese and Jamaicans in the 1990s and 2000s.

“They are trending in the whole world because that’s how their music is performing. It’s just their season, and we shall also get ours. There were different seasons like that of the Congolese and Jamaicans,” he reasoned.

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Commenting about the issue of promoters digging deep into their pockets to cough huge amounts of money to Nigerian artists to perform in Uganda, Kenzo explained that it’s okay for them to be paid well because, after all, they invest so much money in their music and of course the quality is good too.

“Nigerians invest so much money in their music and promotion. They have agents here and they pay deejays to play their music,” he observed.

Hinting at Kizz Daniels’ failure to perform in Kenya, the Big Talent boss advises that artists should always think of their fans first and not money. He stresses that fans spend too much money and time to turn up forsaken, so they should always perform even if there is less money.

“I have also gone through such situations where an events promoter disappears and refuses to pay you. For me, I just have to perform for my fans because I value them more than anything else because they are the ones that made me. Those people come from far away, pay so much money and sacrifice their time to come and see you. They don’t even know the promoter. So if you do not perform, you are hurting them, not the promoter,” he said.

Kenzo’s “Eddy Kenzo Festival” is closing in. It is tipped to happen in November 2022.