In her bid to fight and push for Sandra Teta’s ‘justice’ and efforts to have singer Weasel Manizo brought to book over alleged domestic violence, Buchaman’s fierce wife, Claire Selina Nangajja, a.k.a Maama Ghetto, has also been told to clean her ‘dirty’ hands.

Over the past fortnight, Maama Ghetto together with Weasel’s in-law, Daniella Atim, have joined hands and championed a campaign to have Weasel arrested for allegedly unleashing terror on the mother of his kids, Sandra Teta.

Both Daniella and Maama Ghetto, have posted a series of photos of Sandra, with a battered and deformed face, advising her to dump Weasel and subsequently calling on authorities to take action.

With the pressure mounting, the hoarse-voiced ragamuffin was forced to warn Maama Ghetto to stop meddling in his family affairs or he would drag her to court over defamation. His threats apparently fell on deaf ears.

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On Tuesday night, Sandra Teta, who is clearly siding with her hubby in this saga, also blasted Daniella and Maama Ghetto, telling them to cut her hubby some slack and stop poking their noses in her family issues.

“Enough is enough, whatever campaign they’re doing, or whatever posts they’re doing are being ran on speculations and rumours because none has bothered to call me and ask what was really going on or even ask if I was doing okay. In this context I address Daniella coz she is family
but how do you start posting one post, second post, without calling someone to really know if whatever you’re talking about is real or if she is doing good. I don’t know how you start posting that. I’d really really kindly ask them to step out of family business and let me handle it because this is my family you’re talking about. Another thing, in this whole campaign, you’re
bringing down the brand “Sandra Teta”. I worked so hard to be who I am today and as well as Weasel,”
she pointed out.

However, Maama Ghetto isn’t about to give up. She promptly rushed to her Instagram and continued sensitising the Netizens about domestic violence.

“1 in every 3 women has experienced gender based violence in the many forms in which it comes.

Uganda as a country should not focus on one case, but the thousands of cases that go unreported. And why? And what can be done to make the situation better? Forward thinking and problem solving.


#enddomesticviolence,” she posted.

But soon after posting, one of Maama Ghetto’s followers, Prossy Ssemugabi, who apparently knows her messy dealings, was quick to tell her off in the comment section. Prossy told her to stop selling leaves to artists, for they trigger domestic violence. “Abusing alcohol and drugs is one of the major causes of domestic violence, kindly as you appear on TV in your fight may you kindly stop selling drugs to artists. Thank you… Stop selling drugs to artists, I hate hypocrites. You should be arrested. Lekelawo okuguza abayimbi enjaga bwomala newetwala ku tv,” Prossy Ssemugabi blasted.

Her hubby Buchaman is reportedly a renowned weed champ in the Ghetto too.