Rema Namakula claims she has no bone to pick with baby daddy, Eddy Kenzo, and greeting him ain’t an issue.

Speaking during an interview with Sanyuka TV, the angelic songbird explained that much as she dumped Kenzo for the more loving, caring, Zzina skillful and charming Hamza Ssebunya, she still holds him in high regard because he is the father of her firstborn child, Aamal Musuuza.

Rema says she and Kenzo are good and co-parenting

Her statement comes at the backdrop of the fans’ deliberate move to chant Kenzo’s name when she was performing at B2C’s concert at Freedom City, last Friday.

“…Kenzo is a father to my daughter, Aamal. I don’t have any problem with his name being chanted by fans when I am on stage. I totally don’t have any issue with it and it cannot piss me off,” she stressed before fussing

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“…just know that if I happen to meet him, I have to greet him. “I may not kneel while greeting but I have huge respect for him, and soon after I run and fall into my hubby’s arms,” she noted.

Watch video below as Rema sets the record straight;

Rema officially broke up with his celebrity boyfriend in 2019, when he introduced the new Charming Prince, Hamza Ssebunya to her parents.

However, before their fairytale hit a dead end, Kenzo had already deserted his Sseguku home, where he was living with Rema. Apparently, one fateful morning, the 2015 BET Viewers Choice Award winner walked up and disappeared from home for two years without returning or explaining his whereabouts. Rema could only watch him on TV just like his fans, hence replacing him!

In an interview, Kenzo disclosed that he had already seen enough and realized he had no bonk future with the woman he had chewed bulungi for about six years.

“I had been through a lot in that relationship but I had no one to cry to. By the time I ran from a house that I struggled to pay off, that means I had been burdened enough,” Kenzo explained.

Kenzo stayed away from his home for two years before Rema replaced him with Hamza

Rema, Kenzo co-parenting

Rema reveals that she and Kenzo are co-parenting smoothly, despite the fact that she is the one staying with their six year old daughter, Aamal.

She explains that unlike previously where Kenzo would go months without setting eyes on Aamal, he now has full access to her whenever he wishes to.

“We are good and co-parenting remarkably. Kenzo has full access to Aamal nowadays,” she disclosed.

Rema gave birth to Hamza’s first biological kid last year. The couple named the baby, Aaliyah Ssebunya.