Fik Fameica dazzles revellers with bizarre shoe game

Hotel Africana parking space was filled to capacity as rapper Fik Fameica, real name Shafique Walukagga, made history in his music career on Friday.

Fik Fameica stepped on the stage looking elegant in white suit

Four years ago, Fik Fameica registered a flopped concert at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, which nearly made him quit music, with money lenders calling for his head. However, unlike artists such as Mega Dee and Abdu Mulaasi, who threw in the towel after failing to pull crowds at their concerts, Fresh Buoy instead got more determined and focused musically and he now has every reason to celebrate!

Last evening’s concert at Hotel Africana showed that Fameica surely went back to the drawing board, and learned much from his past experiences which could be the reason he registered such a big success.

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Fik Fameica’s drip was real: We love the red attire, do you?

Hundreds of revellers were in attendance for the power-packed performance. After an impressive lineup including Sheebah, Grenade Official, Zex Bilangilangi, Martha Mukisa, Vyper Ranking, and Fresh Kid, the star of the night Fik Fameica, stepped onto the stage and delivered beyond any critic’s expectations, without blowing hot and cold. His performance was flawless, performing all his hit songs as the crowd ate from his palms, singing word for word.

MC Kats and his baby mama RnB Queen, Fille also had a great moment on stage as they hugged on stage amidst cheers from the crowd.

Yes, one would point to the fact that Bobi Wine and his stunning partner in passion, Barbie Kyagulanyi, stole the show but Fresh Buoy owned his night, spicing up his electric performance with great fashion sense! We need to fuss a little about his all black outfit which he rocked during his second session. Make no mistake, all his outfits were fireee but we are choosing the black, particularly, because it was a bit crazy and out of this world!

The man of the night looked unique in black outfit

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Ok, he understood the assignment. Fik stood out but again, the shoe, which apparently weighs up to 15KG, almost ruined his performance. It was too heavy for him, honestly, and at one point, he must have thought of dumping it off. Actually, a section of the amazed fans in the crowd were overheard likening the shoe to that of the biblical Goliath, who was floored by David.

Take look at his shoe game in the video below;

Fik Fameica dazzles revellers with bizarre shoe game