Firebase singer Zex Bilangilangi has added his unique voice to one of the underrated but beautiful jams today, ‘Konkona’ by Vamos 256.

Vamos 256 dripping

Apart from being appreciated by TikTokers, ‘Konkona’ the original song, which was released on 19th May 2022, had somewhat failed to hit the ground running, with radios and TV stations giving it minimal attention and air play. Perhaps acknowledging the fact that Vamos was new in the game and needed support from someone who is already established and appealing to the youthful fanbase, his management, headed by veteran singer, producer and CEO of Fenon Records and Events, Steve Jean, did just that.

Steve Jean contacted Zex to come on board and work some magic on the track.

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Dear bazzinyi, Konkona remix is already on the market for you to Zzina! However, the remix produced by multi-Zzina Award nominee, Artin Pro at Axtra Nation, also has a different title, ‘knock knock’.

‘The Knock Knock’ remix is infectious, with urbanised beats, many thanks to Artin Pro, who did justice to the song, of course under the guidance of Steve Jean.

The song, the feel, tone, technique…. basically many things make Vamos 256 sound like his boss but we will not go in that direction, sikyo? With Zex Bilangilangi’s unique touch and a crystal clear video, fed with beautiful choreography, the remix might introduce the two artists to the international market.

Watch The Knock Knock’ remix below;