Undoubtedly, Zex Bilangilangi needs no introduction in the music industry as he is familiar with lots of his craft. Zex, with roots from Bobi Wine’s Firebase Crew is a dancehall artiste with a penchant for free styling.

He’s dropped a couple of club anthems such as Magazine, Party Yani, Ratata, Nalinda and many others on his 20 track album, Hercules Ten Times, he released last year!

Zex is being smart and strategic as he has started dropping videos of the songs on his album, with Ntya, a collabo he did with Winnie Nwagi, the latest project.

Ntya is a dancehall collaboration that leans rather heavily on Nwagi’s silky vocals and those delightful harmonies she sometimes slips into her work. The song itself has a few good things going for it – it has got a great arrangement, whose chords give both artists but especially Nwagi.

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The song clocks in at 3 minutes 23 seconds and almost definitely feels like it ended too soon.

This is probably the most superior production that Zex has gotten out of studio: the instrumentation is clean, and expertly executed, while the groove is subtle and inventive. The song doesn’t exactly grow on you – it lets you realize how good it is. It’s got a slow burn to it that is worthwhile.

I genuinely wish there was more of this track. And the chemistry between the two artistes is obvious – they work well together, especially their harmonies, and they feed each other.

Enjoy the ‘Ntya’ video below;