Bruno K finally drops ‘Born In Africa’ re-make, Kenzo will be happy

A few days back, singer Bruno K promised that he would re-do the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s Born In Africa record.

This was after fellow artist, Eddy Kenzo received a share of criticism for re-doing the same song. According to a section of fans, music critics, entertainment pundits and musicians, Kenzo didn’t do justice to the song.

Irked by heavy criticism, raining from all corners of social media, on his return from the United States, the 2023 Grammy Award nominee held a presser in which he explained why he actually redid the song. In his explanation, Kenzo said that his intention was to push it further.

“I redid that song not that I wanted it to take me places because I have already reached. I have songs with millions of views yet Philly’s song has just 1 million views after a very long time meaning Philly doesn’t have any song bigger than mine. Numbers don’t lie,” he bragged.

Kenzo’s statement further triggered more criticism, with artists like Chameleone and Bruno K cautioning him not to compare himself to the late music maestro, Philly Bongole Lutaaya.

For instance, during an interview, Chameleone advised Kenzo not to compare numbers of a generation that wasn’t digital to an era where views can be bought.

“Philly Lutaaya is a man whose music was played on cassette. He only released one song on the CD called Alone and Frightened so, you can’t compare a French haircut to a marine so, so comparing numbers doesn’t count,” stressed Chameleone.

“Eddy Kenzo is my friend and we have a lot in common so I don’t want to blow my own trumpet. We have flown private jets when there was no Instagram. I am older than Instagram, I am older than Facebook. We grew up in a non-digitized generation that wasn’t a digital generation,” Chameleone added.

Bruno K too, took to his socials and posted;

“With all due respect, my big brother Eddy Kenzo, it’s not the views that show that a song is big. Despacito has more views than most of Micheal Jackson’s songs, but when it comes to greatness, it can’t match MJs songs.It’s like wizkid or Burna boy coming out to say they have bigger songs than Fella Kuti. I love your music my big brother and am a big fan but that statement is so wrong. Just imagine Elly Wamala, Bassude lived in this Internet generation they would have the same views as yours big brother. And to add to my submission I think the greatness of a song is proved when a song crosses from one generation to another like what philly’s music is doing that even the big stars of our generation like you find interest in redoing it. Thats what shows greatness of a song. As a fan of your music and a person who looks up to you big brother am disappointed by the statement you made.“

Bruno K subsequently announced; “Special Tribute to our God Father, BORN IN AFRICA, DROPS THURSDAY.“

Well, below is the song, hopefully Kenzo and fans will like it.

Bruno K finally drops ‘Born In Africa’ re-make, Kenzo will be happy