The grass has always been green for bonk champ, Bruno K for he has never lacked a bearded meat to feast on regardless of his messy record.

Word reaching our gossip desk suggests that the singer is now cultivating Sherry Matovu’s garden of beans after sweettalking her for a full month.

According to sources, Bruno K and Sherry Matovu have been bonking home and away, painting the dusty streets of the city red. Apparently, having been impressed by the singer’s unreal skills, Sherry wants to move in so that she can tight mark and tame her man’s insatiable love for drilling.

“Bruno K and Sherry Matovu are an item, often spotted at various popular hangout spots in Munyonyo. They always leave late in the night, with intentions written all over their faces. Muganda wange Bruno K takyafugika,” one source tipped us.

It is said that Sherry Matovu is the one bankrolling Bruno’s flashy lifestyle of late, supporting their outings and candle light dinner, a gesture that she fully appreciates Bruno’s midnight game. The icing on the cake is that Bruno nowadays cruises in Sherry ’s Prado TX car to fulfill his commitments, such as attending the Weekly Jam Session at UNMF.

Both individuals have faced challenges in their previous relationships, with Sherry Matovu separating from her ex-partner Tadius Katumba.

Meanwhile, Bruno has also been involved in multiple failed relationships and currently has three children with different mothers.