Bruno K, is once again making headlines for reasons related to his lifestyle choices.

Several months ago, he entered into a romantic relationship with a one Dorah, a businesswoman based in Mukono.

Conversations and screenshots that have emerged online reveal that Dorah had been providing significant financial support to Bruno K, assisting with various expenses such as car repairs, fuel, and music video and audio production.

However, their relationship took a sour turn when allegedly Dorah became pregnant with Bruno K’s child, a situation that had not been discussed or agreed upon between them.

Upon learning of the pregnancy, Bruno K is said to have reacted negatively, suggesting that Dorah had used his fame to intentionally get pregnant.

As disagreements escalated between the two, Dorah took matters into her own hands by publicly sharing evidence from their WhatsApp conversations, pregnancy test results, intimate photos, videos, and audio recordings.

According to Dorah, she felt that Bruno K had been motivated by her financial support, and his behaviour took a strange turn when she stopped providing him with much money.

In an interview in July, Bruno K stated that he had been abstaining from s3x for about a year after the act brought him problems.

“Sex is overrated, it’s now coming to a year without it, but I am not complaining because omusayi gwa yesu gumala (the blood of Jesus is enough),” Bruno wrote. “Okwepicha kwandetela ebizibu (s3x brought me problems ),” he added then.

Listen the audio as Dorah reveals

Who is telling the truth? Who is telling the lie?

Efforts to reach Bruno K on his known phone numbers proved futile as he did not pick our calls.

This is not the first time Bruno K has found himself in a similar situation. Just a few months prior, another woman named Vanessa vowed that he was the father of her son, Seth Kiggundu and accused him of neglecting his parental responsibilities.

After undergoing DNA tests and engaging in heated online disputes, it was confirmed that Bruno K was indeed the biological father of Seth.