Prima applauds Vanessa for exposing ‘deadbeat’ Bruno K

Birds of the same feather, flock together… Y’all remember how Prima Kardsahi once exposed baby daddy and singer, Geosteady for being a deadbeat father.

Well, she’s out here very happy and might even throw a mega party after Bruno K’s secret baby mama, Vanessa did the same a few days ago.

Prima Kadarshi, who has had endless battles with Geosteady, has cryptically sided with Vanessa and called out women to expose irresponsible sumbie drillers, who balloon and later neglect their kids.

Joining the disgruntled social media in-laws, Prima, who has taken to Facebook to express her frustration.

Prima points out that men typically refrain from dating women of their class, only to opt for the lower-class which are more likely to become pregnant easily.

She further rallied her followers to keep exposing these men who shirk their obligations and leave women to pay the price.

“Ba kafumisi bakyala mweyongere okubaswaza.

team buyambi,” the mother-of-two said.

Her compelling remarks come at the backdrop of Geosteady’s plea not to judge Bruno K before him knowing that he’s indeed the biological dad.

“No one should judge Bruno K before DNA results. Tubere Bantu bakulu. I’m not repeating myself, we should judge Bruno K after DNA results. We shall be free to judge him, abuse him, help him with Vanessa after the truth coz we know less than they do. FUTARI ETUUSE BANANGE,” Geosteady explained via his Facebook page.

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Bruno K is still pushing for a DNA test but Vanessa is opposing it, with claims that the singer might take full custody of the kid, Seith Kigundu.