Spice Diana is undoubtedly refusing to back down after being stung properly by Bobi Wine’s wild-coached bees for accepting to perform at Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Thanksgiving ceremony.

For the whole of this week Star Gyal has received a proper beating, trolls and insults from Bobi’s camp, presumably, with an intention of intimidating her into submission but the move won’t just work, at least for now!

The social media attacks started after Spice shared a drop of her endorsing the event. A section of fans charges her for abandoning Barbie Kyagulanyi and Bobi Wine, two of her “good friends.”

A section of the wild bees have since labelled Spice Diana ‘Nalumasi, with others baptizing her ‘the female Judas Iscariot.

However, it appears that Spice is unconcerned by the criticisms and rants directed at her regarding the subject.

Speaking in an interview on local television, Spice claimed that as long as she is doing her job, she doesn’t care what others think of her.

She vowed that she would give a performance to anyone who meets her performance price tag.

“I have many shows I have been booked for, I will perform for whoever booked and paid me. People can say whatever they want because we have freedom,” said Spice.

“Fans will not intimidate me because singing is my job and I will sing for everyone that will be willing to pay me the money I want,” she added.