Singer Pallaso has been fuming for the past few days after being berated by colleague, David Lutalo.

David Lutalo, while taking part in an interview lavished praise on artists he thinks have excelled musically, in this new generation, pointing out the likes of King Saha and Sheebah, and sensationally snubbing Pallaso and Ziza Bafana. He went on to advise the pair to up their game.

Irked by Lutalo’s remarks, the talented lad from Mayanja family has since diverted all his energies to punching holes in the Kapapala singer’s music career, in a bid to scare him off.

Actually, Pallaso is of the opinion that David Lutalo’s style of music is outdated.

“Watching David Lutalo’s interview and how he puts me down in his opinion is very uncalled for. I did not reach here by words but by music. The only way you can ever be better than me is in the past. Music has grown and you need to change that old style. Don’t test me Boy,” the self-styled Sucker Free Boss tweeted.

To make his case known even more, this week on Monday, the 35-year-old award winning star went on to release a song titled ‘Lutalo Lwa Mayinja’, in which he cryptically continues calling out The Hares CEO.

However, Pallaso‘s retaliation has not in any way moved Lutalo. In his latest interview, he emphasizes that he is just concerned about his talent.

Lutalo adds that Pallaso should welcome reviews from his fellow artists to re-examine his music career if he wants to dine with the top artists.

“Pallaso should take in reviews from fellow musicians if he wants his career to flourish. I hold nothing against him for sure. He should go back to the drawing board instead of castigating me,” David Lutalo noted.