Pallaso is already a beaten man mentally and perhaps hiding in his secret hole.

Sources say the self-styled King Of The East is very scared… scared of his own shadow after Alien Skin trashed his apology and publicly declared his intention to seek revenge in a rib cracking TikTok live session.

This week on Monday, Pallaso laid a trap with the intention of teaching Alien Skin a lesson…and he indeed successfully did that as he sliced Alien Skin’s wings, thumping him properly to levels of submission over ‘disrespect’.

After accomplishing the mission, Pallaso perhaps thought that the ‘Sitya Danger’ star would just go home and massage his body after receiving heavy blows and hot slaps but hey, the events that followed send cold shivers down the Sucker Free Boss’ spine.

When Alien, who had been arrested and bundled onto a waiting Police ‘Kadenge’, skillfully escaped back to the ghetto, he alerted his trusted gang about what had happened to him and boom! The gang had to seek revenge immediately as it stormed Pallaso’s Makindye home and unleashed a reign of terror against everyone on sight.

With so much fear, Pallaso rang Alien Skin and begged for peace talks! He even made a public apology via his socials but Alien is not moved.