“Women who complain about size have a past experience of swallowing multiple whoppers” -Suzan Makula

Suzan Makula, wife of controversial city pastor, Aloysious Bujingo has come out and lambasted women who always complain about the size of men’s whoppers saying that it only shows that they sleep with multiple partners.

According to Makula, there is no way a woman can benchmark to know whether a man has a small or big wire unless they have tested different sizes in their lifetime.

As a way of advise, the motor-mouthed TV presenter went ahead and told all complaining women to try and minimize the number of men they sleep with to avoid disappointments.

“There is no way you can know whether a man is big or not unless you have slept with multiple partners. a woman who has only slept with one man can not know if there other men with bigger sizes” Makula said in a reassuring tone

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