Big Size Bebe Cool has just shown off his new armored vehicle on social media and it is believed to be cooler than Bobi’s!

For the past few weeks, there were rumours on social media suggesting that Bebe Cool had bought an armoured car, possibly following in the footsteps of his long-time rival, Bobi Wine. However, Bebe Cool had kept quiet about it until last evening when a video appeared on social media.

In a video that is circulating on social media, Bebe Cool’s armoured vehicle is parked in his yard with all its doors wide open.

The person recording the video takes us on a tour of the car. The vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, and he has not yet acquired a license plate.

With this new acquisition, Bebe Cool becomes the second musician in Uganda to own an armoured vehicle, following Bobi Wine who unveiled his own in 2021.