Late Mowzey Radio’s widow and singer Lilian Mbabazi is on the verge of being evicted from her rental over failure to pay her accrued rental arrears.

According to Mr. Sitran Deshpande, Lilian Mbabazi’s landlord, the singer rented the house since 21 February 2018 at each month Ugx 1.5M.

However, due to reasons yet to be established, since April 2022, Lilian Mbabazi hasn’t been compliant as far as paying her rent is concerned.

This compelled the landlord to involve authorities, and his lawyers issued a demand notice to Lilian Mbabazi.

Lawyer Sufian added that despite obtaining the demand notice, Lilian has been playing hide and seek, claiming how she has been to and fro the city, making it hard for her to fulfil her promises.

He further noted that although Lilian claimed to still be a tenant, she quietly vacated all her property; however, the singer refuted this during a phone call and maintained that she was looking forward to meeting the involved parties on Thursday.

Lilian further pointed out that she has been expecting money to clear her rent due amount, but this has been delayed and she has severally explained this through Mr. Egesa.

Sufian urged Lilian without fail to show up at Konge Police Station on Thursday, such that she could open the house for authorities to take action.