Ragamuffin, Weasel Manizo has had his much anticipated concert rescheduled, we can confirm!

Initially slated to take place in August 9, 2024 at Hotel Africana, event promoter Nobat Events through a press statement reveals that the concert dates coincided with Haruna Mubiru’s concert, and it is the reason why he is having Weasel’s rescheduled.

This clash of events was entirely unexpected and unintentional, as stated in the press release.

In light of this unexpected turn of events, Weasel’s concert has been rescheduled to the 2nd of August, one week prior to Haruna Mubiru’s concert.

Nobat Events expressed their sincere gratitude for the unwavering patience and understanding exhibited by Weasel’s devoted fans.

Weasel, born Douglas Mayanja, started as an independent artist who released solo projects under the auspices of his elder brother’s records, but it was his collaboration with Jose Chameleone on “Bomboclat” that introduced him to music lovers.

He and the late Mowzey Radio became backing vocalists for the Chameleone, but later broke off from Chameleone’s Leone Island Crew in 2008 to form the Goodlyf Crew. The boasts a rich catalogue with smashing hits and classics such as “Lwaki Onumya”, “Zuena”, “Nyambura”, “Ngenda Mumaaso”, “Bread and Butter” among others.