Songstress Lilian Mbabazi claims and the late legendary Good Lyf crooner Mowzey Radio had plans of bonking again before his untimely demise.

On the latest episode of Conversessions, Lilian Mbabazi discloses that before Radio answered God’s call on February 1, 2018, they had laid a mega plan of reunion as family and that she had already returned to Uganda from Rwanda with the kids. Lillian, a former Blu 3 lead singer reveals that Radio baited her with ‘Angel Music’, a record label had apparently established.

Lilian recalls inquiring about the progress of their house in Entebbe, and engaging in various conversations with Radio because they truly loved each other and wanted to be together again.

However, their plans hit a dead end by Radio’s death.

She reveals that she ain’t bonking any one at the moment since she is still in a healing process.

As someone who experienced profound love, she believes that the person who comes into her life next should possess an even greater capacity for love.

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