Singer Alien Skin has opened up on Tuesday’s incident where he deliberately attacked and knocked a car belonging to events promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo.

Alien had his car, a white Nissan Patrol shot at by a security guard after he deliberately rammed into Bajjo’s Toyota Wish in a parking lot in Makindye on Tuesday evening.

A CCTV camera captured the incident where Alien and his squad pulled up in the lot and slammed into Bajjo’s car twice.

As he tried to drive off, he was confronted by a private security guard who in the end shot and deflated the singer’s tires.

A scuffle then ensued as the guards together with other people on the ground tried to apprehend the Fangone Forest artist and his team.

Speaking this morning about the incident; Alien confirmed that that he carried out this attack on purpose.

He said he was trying to give justification to Bajjo for his constant verbal attacks on him.

If someone hates you for no reason, then you need to give them a good reason and show them that it is serious business,” he said.

If he is out there attacking me for no reason, quarreling, and even investing money in fighting me, you just have to cut him off a bit and show them what’s what.”

So, I was just passing by and I saw him and that is what happened,” he said.

Yesterday‘s incident was widely condemned by social media users, with others expressing concern that Alien is taking his violence to the extreme, while others worried that he is endangering his own life.

But on these concerns, Alien said he was not worried about being killed because he has sufficient training in violence.

He also added that he is not in the music industry to win over people but as a movie villain.

I know that ultimately I will have to be eliminated, but as in any movie, the villain is the one who has to go last,” he said.