Fik Gaza is in trouble and might be arrested any time soon… he is currently one the people topping Police’s ‘on wanted list’. Fik Gaza is being accused of domestic violence and theft by his Sugar Mummy.

The disgruntled Sugar Mummy, who could be kissing 45 soon, claims that she and Gaza started bonking last year, and she has been bankrolling not only his music career but also his lifestyle until recently when things turned sour after he became a star.

Apparently, this Sugar from Tanzania invested over thirty million Ugandan shillings in him, with hopes that the singer would become her daily snack till death do them apart.

However, with thousands of city babes eying his boneless muscle, Fik Gaza found a new lover and moved out of the house, making off with the woman’s property, and blocked her on all his social media accounts and phone numbers.

“I have filed a theft case at Katwe Police, and I already have the reference with me. He ran away from home with all my properties, including clothes and money amounting to fifty million. I just want all my things back; I don’t care about the money I invested in him as a manager,” she partly said in an interview with Galaxy TV’s Rewind crew.

Gaza, indeed acknowledges the fact that she has been splashing cash on him. However, it has never been his intention to start a family with her.