In a surprising turn of events, the longstanding feud between MC Kats, and Alien Skin has finally come to an end.

The resolution took place during Wednesday’s weekly Comedy Store show, where both parties decided to put their differences aside.

The feud, which began in September, reached its peak at Hotel Africana during singer Geosteady’s concert. MC Kats found himself being unceremoniously ‘airlifted’ off the stage by pro-Alien Skin individuals, sparking a series of legal actions. MC Kats swiftly took the matter to the police, opening multiple cases, including accusations of assault, cyber harassment, and defamation against Alien Skin and others.

However, this week’s Comedy Store show provided an unexpected platform for reconciliation mediated by music legend, Jose Chameleone, back stage. Actually, during Alien Skin’s performance, MC Kats appeared on stage, armed with notes of money to extend goodwill not only to Alien Skin but also to his associate, Champion Gudo.

Despite Alien Skin’s initial discomfort with MC Kats’ presence, the NBS TV presenter made a gesture indicating a desire for peace.

Alien Skin, known for his consciousness, initially seemed inclined to ignore MC Kats. However, the presenter whispered to the singer and gestured for a truce, a move that Alien Skin ultimately consented to. The gesture signified a turning point in the feud that had garnered attention and speculation on social media.

The origins of the conflict remain unclear, but videos circulated on social media suggested that tensions flared before Alien Skin’s performance. MC Kats appeared hesitant to hand over the microphone to members of Alien Skin’s team, a situation that may have contributed to the earlier onstage incident at Hotel Africana.

With the recent reconciliation, fans and followers of both MC Kats and Alien Skin are left hopeful that this resolution marks the end of the publicized rift between the two personalities. The unexpected truce at the Comedy Store not only surprised the audience but also hinted at the possibility of a renewed understanding between the once-feuding parties.