Celebrating a decade of love and commitment, Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu have unveiled their latest musical offering, “Ndi Ready.”

The song and accompanying video serve as a testament to their enduring bond and a source of inspiration for couples navigating the ups and downs of marriage.

Recorded against the picturesque backdrop of Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach in Busabala, the video features guests and well wishers, who joined the couple in commemorating their anniversary.

Edrine Paul skillfully captured the essence of Geoffrey and Irene’s love, offering viewers a glimpse into their intimate celebration.

The soulful and melodic sound of “Ndi Ready” was crafted by the legendary Paddy Man, whose expertise added a rich depth to the song. With its irresistible rhythm, the track invites listeners to groove along with their loved ones, creating moments of joy and connection.

Geoffrey’s heartfelt lyrics express gratitude for Irene’s unwavering love and care, while Irene vows to stand by his side through thick and thin, sharing every triumph and tribulation.

Young lovers out there can look upon Irene and Geoffrey’s love story and get inspired and through this video, you get to feel their connection and relate to the chemistry.

Watch the video to the song below: