It is a teary Valentine’s Day for budding female singer, Winnie Nwagi as things ain’t working out as she wishes.

As many couples are warming up for romantic dinners and steamy romps, Winnie Nwagi, a star on almost every city man’s bonk wish-list, is struggling to get Chozen Blood’s attention!

In a blockbuster leaked WhatsApp audio making rounds on social media, the controversial angelic-voiced Swangz Avenue star is heard on her knees begging Chozen to show him some love and waya, but all in vain.

Apparently, with tears streaming down her cheeks, the 37-year-old mother-of-one threatens never to call or pick up Chozen Blood’s calls if he continues to be elusive.

“…you know what, Chozen? let me just give up on you because I have been chasing you for sometime now but whenever I call you, it feels like i’m vibing you?! I understand we all have problems but that doesn’t stop me from picking up your call. Ok why is it that I picked up last time when you called me? Those are bad manners,” the madly in love Nwagi rants.

The pair are rumoured to have had an entanglement in the recent past, something that Winnie Nwagi has publicly denied. However, this audio confirms that she and Chozen Blood could be having stolen moments.