Classy socialite Zari Hassan and boo, Shakib Cham are celebrating love after surviving breakup scare.

The couple was said to be on loggerheads but they are out here sending a clear message, putting to rest the rumors of a rift in their relationship.

Zari and her sweetheart are on a bonking spree in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as they somewhat congratulate themselves, having weathered the recent heavy storms.

In the video dropped on the internet by the two lovebirds, they stroll on the holy streets of Saudi Arabia, hand in hand and radiating affection, with bonking intentions written all over their faces. Good enough they are eligible to ‘eat after eating’!

Recently, Zari found herself in a tight corner when a suggestive video of her and baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, found its way on to the social media streets. The video, which Zari says was for promotional purposes, left a bitter taste in Shakib’s mouth. In a rather tit for tat game, he also shared a video of himself making merry with his ex girlfriend, DJ Alisha, stirring further controversy.

In an interview, the mother of five indeed confirmed that Shakib has trust issues which has triggered him to retaliate! She also explained that the video of her and Diamond Platnumz, which has sparked all the drama, was shot to promote the TZ star’s new song, ‘Mapoz’.

She disclosed that Zuchu, Diamond’s current girlfriend, and other people were present during the shooting of the video.

“Now that day we were shooting at the YFA in Johannesburg, Diamond said to me ‘Mama T, my video is not going well, let’s make a video, help me make a promo post for that song and I said cool. Just then Zuchu stood up again. Zuchu was completely standing with the kids, holding Nillan and Latifah. My sister Zahara was there, my brother came with a money changer. Diamond had money and wanted to change. The whole family was there,” Zari said.