If Luseke champ Isaac Katende a.k.a Kuku Wazabanga Kasuku doesn’t have plan B, then he is bound to survive on saliva and water for some good months.

Kasuku has seemingly grown wings, labeling controversial moneybags Bryan White, a legendary fool- not once but three times- while conducting an interview!

Known for not mincing his words, a visibly disappointed Kasuku slammed and faulted his buddy Bryan White for not only kissing and hugging with ‘snakes’, who once wanted him incarcerated but also splashing cash on them.

The veteran Lugambo monger, who was among the first people that shared a cup of tea with Bryan White when he returned to Kampala recently claims that he and the socialite agreed on several things during that meeting, including handling public relations.

But to his shock, days later he offered to sit down with Anna Talia Oze for an interview, a person who in his opinion, was once ‘used’ to orchestrate his (Bryan White) downfall.

Some four years ago, Anna Talia Oze together with the media company she works with, reported extensively on rape accusations against Brian White. He repeatedly denied the allegations.

According to Kasuku, that’s not the company he should be associating with, considering it’s partly because of that reporting that he had to leave the country.

“I said to myself the man is a fool. He is indeed a fool… an idiot,” Kasuku repeatedly said while speaking in an interview.

“I saw him on TV. Speaking! I said to myself the man is a fool. Of all the things they did to him, even if he wanted media attention! I’ve no issues with NBS, that one I can tell you, but everyone should have a limit in their lives.”

Kasuku recalled how security agencies wanted to arrest Bryan White.

“But the man came back to the country, he went to do an interview. He is a fool and an idiot… But the faster he learns, the better,” said Kasuku.

Bryan White is yet to sneeze but as it stands, chances of Kasuku to taste his dime are hanging by the thread.