Media personality Isaac Katende, better known as Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga is tired of keeping his stunning girlfriend under wraps.

After enjoying her bearded meat for over 7years, the veteran Lugambo mercenary has decided to unveil her to the public as a way of thanking her for being patiently sweet to him, after all, the pair is soon making it official!

A huge section of the public has always wished to have a glance at the brave and special babe, who has always clipped Kasuku’s wings, and rolled him like a rolex between the sheets as they play bedminton, but now their prayers are answered.

In one of the videos obtained by this website, Kasuku, in his loverboy mode is seen convincing his sweetheart to show her face to the camera before telling her to smile a little, which she gloriously does. The couple is still away in Dubai, making merry and they enjoy steamy romance and bonk sessions.

Watch the video below;

In the same clip, fully dressed in his usual braggadocio regalia, Kasuku lashes out at broke people before he encourages them to make money travel around the world for exposure.

He says that a night at the Burj Khalifa where he and bae are apparently bonking, is $500-700!