Martha Ainomugisha.

Martha is one in a million. She is a breed  out of this world.  a single glance at her would disorganise your life forever.

Her curves are a sex siren.

Her curves define God’s ability to create the best creatures ever

Kaythe Barbie

Kaythe Barbie is a student at Nakawa based MUBS. When she is at the university, all activities overlooked by males are paralysed because they can’t have enough of her curves.

Kaythe is like an earthquake at Nakawa based MUBS.



Kim Irene is a student at Mukono based UCU. She is always on holiday thanks to her curves that freeze men’s minds. She is the real deal.

All UCU students fear approaching her because they are afraid of maintaining her curves.

Kim Irene can make you cum before she even undresses to show you her curves.


Shamic is an Instagram slay queen who has taken it to another level. She has grown from a kikomando eater to spending half a year on holiday in Dubai courtesy of her curves.

Trust me you will get wet when you visit her Instagram platform.


Joanita is a fresh graduate. she hails from the land of milk and honey. She is a teacher by profession but failed to teach because her students failed to concentrate. Their focus was on her curves. She has now invested her time in fashion. She runs a fashion store called Joat Fashions . If you are a lady with curves and would like to show them off, just visit her shop, she will sort you.

Her students failed to concentrate because of her curves.


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