Zari Hassan has yet again scoffed at People Power fans who believe that their leader, Hon. Bobi Wine owes no one explanation about his presidential credentials.

Zari wants Bobi to answer her question

Zari recently questioned Bobi’s capability to lead Uganda and urgued her fans not to vote anyone just because they ‘need something new’. She noted that any political candidate must have capability, experience and credentials before he or she thinks of contesting.

But while appearing on one of the local radio stations earlier this week, Bobi was asked to air out his view on what Zari had said.

In his response, the legislature said that he had no time for senseless issues.

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Bobi says he has no time for senseless issue

“kakati nno’ laba Muganda wange, Ntelanyo okozesa enjogera eno nti “Ensonga ezitalina makulu siziwa makulu”, ku social media kubelako emitwalo n’emitwalo jabantu naye olaba nze mubutono bwange nina abantu abasuka mu 1.2M abanfollowinga ku page zange. Kakati no amazima’ matufu kukade ngakano  ompade omukisa ogutali lunaku lulamba lwaki njogera kunsonga ezitalina makulu ngatte tulina ensonga ezamakulu nyinji nyo ezokwogelako?  Abantu batulindiride nze mikwano jange nakigambye nzijja ku Radio kwogera kunsonga zagwanga, so mbanjagala omukisa guno ngutwale njogere kunsonga zegwanga”, he said.

However Zari thinks her question deserves to be answered immaculately because its very important. According to her Bobi has a habit of dodging sensitive issues for reasons only known to him. She notes he once failed explain to citizens the Fiscal Policies he would use if voted into power in 2021.

“U dodged “Fiscal Policy” netusirika, now u also want to dodge credentials? #NO NEDDA”, her status on Instagram reads.

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