High-maintenance socialite Zari Hassan has come out to throw more light on a black pair of Mothers’ Union undergarments she wore in a video that went viral.

A fortnight back, Zari had her unwanted video, shot during her 41st birthday celebrations in September this year leaked online by one of her pals.

Zari brags about having expensive panties

In the video, the stunning mother-of-five accidentally pulled up her snow-white dress and flashed her sumbie, wrapped in a black Mother’s Union, as she danced like a 16-year-old teen!

Indeed little was left to the imagination as netizens had a chance to feast their eyes.

Zari later jumped out of her hiding cave and explained why she chose to wrap her juicy bearded meat in a black under garment.

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The 41-year-old socialite said that she couldn’t have worn any other colour of underwear underneath a white dress, while responding to the trolls from netizens.

According to the stunning mother-of-five all her undergarments cost about USD 978$

“Apparently my black underwear is trending, I don’t know why it’s trending and why since my birthday till now people are like why black underwear in a white dress? Why are you people so jobless and idle…” she ranted in a 33-sec-clip.

Now, as the storm has seemingly settled, Zari, known for her classy and flashy lifestyle, claims that she loves wearing expensive panties and that black mother’s union is one of them.

Speaking during an interview with a local Tanzania media station, Ayo TV, Zari revealed that each of her undergarments goes for about UGX 3.5m. She further explained that she only wears a pantie three times and dumps it!

“I’m a Boss Lady and you know that it is not easy for anyone else to maintain the standards. I am not here to brag but I work so hard for my lifestyle. I live what many call a flashy lifestyle but it doesn’t come easy. Recently bloggers went crazy about my black pantie. Well I am here to put the record straight that I have many in that colour and they ain’t cheap. Each goes for about USD 978$”, she bragged.

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The classy socialite flaunting her hourglass figure in one of her expensive undergarment