Early last week, socialite Zari Hassan questioned presidential aspirant Bobi Wine’s credentials and ability to run for the top office in the country.

Frank Gashumba and Zari
Frank Gashumba and Zari

A number of People Power supporters  took to social media to attack and hurl insults at the South Africa based socialite.

However, watermouthed and Sisimuka Uganda boss Frank Gashumba has come out to defend Zari Hassan. While appearing on NBS TV with singer and Lord Mayorship Aspirant, Jose Chameleone, Gashumba said that Bobi or his PR team made a big mistake to belittle Zari.

Frank Gashumba is not happy with People Power
Frank Gashumba is not happy with People Power

According to Frank Gashumba, Zari just like any other citizen in Uganda has a right to give an opinion on any matter related to her country.

“…Zari has a right to comment on national issues like any other citizen. Zari only asked Bobi Wine’s credentials and it was not a crime. If i was  Bobi and People Power’s strategist, that was the time for me to bring out his CV…”, he said.

Gashumba also emphasized that citizens have all the rights to question anyone intending to stand for presidency.

Checkout the full interview;


VIDEO: Frank Gashumba: Some Ugandans have a lot of venoms, socialite @ZariTheBosslady has the right to talk about Uganda's political affairs. #UncutSabula #NBSUpdates

Posted by NBS Television on Saturday, July 11, 2020

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